Meet Joanne Huh

Meet Joanne


As a realtor for the better part of a decade, Joanne Huh has enjoyed wide successes representing individuals, couples, families and businesses across the San Francisco Peninsula. But, she’s always viewed success somewhat differently. In a market where matching a home with a budget seems like an impossible task, Joanne finds the will to fight for her clients and close the best deals possible through the firm belief that she’s working for something bigger than herself. While her extensive background in residential real estate appraisal has put her in a uniquely privileged negotiating position, her fundamental strengths run much deeper than that. Where her clients are concerned, Joanne’s motivation comes from helping each individual build a future in which they, and their families, can thrive.

Born in South Korea and raised in the Bay Area by immigrant parents, Joanne knows domestic bliss should never be taken for granted. Her dedication to her family comes from recognizing how precious and hard-fought this life truly is. Without life’s passions, it’s not worth fighting for, and Joanne knows the power of passion. As her other great calling, Joanne’s enthusiasm for art resonates through everything she does. In her own home, her favorite place is in front a canvas, listening to classical music, adding the finishing touches to her next gallery submission. Her flair for the aesthetic doesn’t just come in handy as she helps package a client’s home for sale. Rather, it’s the art itself that drives her. To create, to explore, to express - this is the great potential of life. And Joanne wants to help each client actualize this potential. If life is a painting, the great potential of a home bought or sold can be the canvas. In representing her clients, Joanne finds her motivation by devoting herself to the exciting capacity of every canvas that she works with.

Whether it’s building a new life through a home purchased, or securing what’s precious through a home sold, she sees them all as opportunities for helping clients build a more beautiful tomorrow. Having access to one of the most comprehensive shares of the market as a part of the Watson - Marshall Group, she is in a remarkably advantaged position to do this. Joanne will work- tirelessly and passionately, with care and attention unique to every client- to paint the picture of the future she feels everyone deserves. “Every client is like a new addition to my family. They’ve taken me into their homes, trusted me through this enormous milestone in their lives. I really feel it’s like no other business relationship out there. I’ve even had families ask me if I can be their children’s realtor someday. It’s so humbling! I’m truly grateful, and hope I can continue to be a part of their journeys."

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