The Watson Marshall Group – Concierge Service

The Watson Marshall Group will provide the necessary funds, upfront, for the cost of home improvement services, INTEREST FREE! This is a hassle-free way to accelerate the sale of your home and for the highest price available. Concierge employs services and products such as staging, flooring, lighting, painting, landscaping, and much more, so that your home is best positioned to sell. Some restrictions may apply.  Please call for details.

What is The Watson Marshall Group Concierge service?

The Watson Marshall Group Concierge service, is an exclusive service package offered by WMG and available to our clients, that promotes market reach and the most successful sale, by offering funding to renovate or improve your property before it is offered to the market at large. This service helps to set up the sale of your home so that it can sell faster and for a larger return on your investment.

Is there an upfront fee for using this service?

No. The Watson Marshall Group Concierge service is entirely covered by us and recouped AFTER the sale of your home without any interest or fees whatsoever.

How do I know if I qualify for Watson Marshall Premiere?

Most homes will qualify and it’s as easy as a phone call to WMG to inquire about your property. Both Philip Watson and Stephan Marshall have decades of experience selling homes in The Bay Area Peninsula and will be able to immediately assess if the sale of your property is eligible and do it with just a short phone call.

How does the funding for improvements work?

After your property is assessed by WMG a funding amount is determined. Whatever the amount is, there is NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU. WMG provides the funds upfront and our experienced team of project managers, will manage all renovations and improvements, so that they will be made on-time and on-budget. The fund is paid back to WMG at close of escrow and no interest or fees are charged to the client. Renovations and improvements may include designer fixtures, lighting improvements, custom landscape, designer textiles, custom flooring, kitchen appliances, painting, minor construction, smart home electronics and other renovations deemed advantageous by our real estate sales experts at WMG.

What are the marketing benefits to using The Watson Marshall Group Concierge service?

The Watson Marshall Group Concierge service provides the necessary improvements to your home so that it is best presented to the ever changing market. Our real estate sales experts use data driven research and years of experience to determine what is right for your home. This helps to increase the success of all of our marketing efforts and helps to sell your home faster and for the best price available. This marketing includes dedicated property websites, custom walk- through and music-driven videos, expertly crafted photos, social media promotions, expertly staffed open houses, and targeted mail marketing.

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